Analyzing TSTV Africa’s “5000” Penetration Strategy; will it crown them King of Satellite TV in Nigeria? {cont’d}


Continuing our analysis of TSTV Africa’s “5000” penetration strategy, we conclude by looking at the second part of the strategy below.

2. Gifting 5,000 Decoders

Though the satellite TV launched on the first day of October, it won’t however be available till November. But come November 1st, the Cheif Executive Office who is also the Managing Director, Bright Echefu have made it known that five thousand (5,000) decoders and satellite dishes will be given out for free to selected individuals in different regions across all 36 states in the country. Keyword here being FREE.

As it mostly is with every new brand, it is understandable to want to give out gifts or offer services to customers at a discounted price for the sole purpose of attracting customers. But trust me when I say 5,000 is a lot. Subjection this to calculation, giving out 5,000 Decoders for free is equivalent to the company giving out 25 million naira (given that a decoder is worth 5,000 naira).

If one cue can be taken from the above information, it would be that TSTV is not here to play. To further shows how thirsty TSTV is to dominate the Nigerian Pay TV market, the C.E.O in a chat with people of the press about 2 weeks ago made it known that the 5,000 recipients of the free decoders will also enjoy free installation in their respective homes.

Meanwhile, while the “lucky” 5,000 recipients of the free decoders will be all smiles, happy and most definitely promote TSTV via recommendation, TSTV as a company also stands to benefit from the as it provides an avenue to test the ​strength of their signal and better their services; typical example of a win-win scenario, with TSTV being the bigger winner.

3. Employing 5,000 Nigerians

While TSTV revealed that a total of 3,000 person’s and companies have applied to be their agents, a Vanguard NG post also disclosed that the Satellite TV company has plans to hire 5,000 Nigerians. This move aims at reducing unemployment rate in the country as well as ensuring full coverage, presence and forceful penetration in all states of the nation.

In a nutshell, the low 5,000 naira purchase price tag, the gifting of free decoders to 5,000 individuals, employment of 5,000 individuals, free installation, the inherent curiosity and naive nature of Nigerians to try new things, as well as the mouth-watering complementary packages of TSTV all boils down to providing revolutionary Pay-As-You-Consume Pay TV to Nigeria.

But will the above strategy make them the favourite Satellite TV of the Nigerian people? Will they penetrate deep into the Nigeria Pay TV market? How soon can they trump the rivalry and dominance of other satellite TV brands? Can they sustain the cheap service price and subscription fees? Will the Pay TV company provide quality service? Will TSTV become King of Satellite TV in Nigeria? Time, they say, will definitely tell.