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Nigerian tech startup founders and their Game of Thrones character

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I don’t even know if our tech startup founders watch Game of thrones ??‍♂, or they only follow Silicon Valley (The Movie). Well, whichever it may be, we decided to join the G.O.T craze – I hope we’re not late to the party though. Even if we are, there is a valid excuse for that??‍♂.

Let’s just go to the main body already. ?

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Nigerian tech startup founders and their G.O.T characters. You’re definitely free to think differently.

Jason Njoku (CEO, IrokoTV) – Jon Snow

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The irokotv website was launched by the Iroko partners in 2011 (Jon Snow at Winter fell). Jason tried to build his own company after this but failed at each attempt (nights watch). But now, he is the king of the North Nollywood contents.

Tayo Oviosu (CEO, Paga) – Arya Stark

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Both of them have passed through tough times. Tayo Oviosu had to work his way through college, sometimes holding up to 5 jobs at a time. He also got fired from his first job out of college in less than 3 months. But today, just like Arya Stark, the Paga founder and CEO is well respected and a formidable force in the financial services sector of Nigeria.

Mark Essien (CEO, hotels.ng) – Lord Varys

Coming from very humble beginnings (ikot-ekpene for Mark) is a real similarity between these two men. Not only that, right now, their words and advices are worth gold to those they give them to. Mark Essien was born and grew up in the small town of Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.

Somto Ifezue (co-founder, Sharphire) – Daenaerys Targaryan


In the Nigerian tech startup scene, I’d see Somto Ifezue as the mother (or father) of dragons. The parent company have 3 dragons – PiggyBank, PushCV and Frontdesk – that spits wild fire, surely. Asides this, they have also assembled a great team with Odunayo Eweniyi and Josh Chibueze as co-founders. Think of having Tyrion Lannister by your side.

Oluyomi Ojo (CEO, Printivo) – Tywin Lannister

Did you know that Printivo started making enough revenue to keep them going in the first three months? Jamie also had all he needed from the very beginning, being a lannister. Have you also heard the great reviews Printivo always get from customers? Well, I have and I’m not surprised because a lannister always pays his debt Printivo always delivers on time.

Iyin Aboyeji (founder, Flutterwave) – Jamie Lannister

From the very beginning, he has always been good at what he does. Iyin, from the days of Fora to Andela and now, Flutterwave has always made a mark. Even when he had to leave Andela (loose his right hand), he did not sit back and let that deter him.

Yele Bademosi (founder, Microtraction) – Brann Stark

Yeah.. The three eyed hawk. How he discerns and invests in greatly promising early stage start-ups is just beyond me. Well, not too surprised though as he sees the future, and the past too.

Onyeka Akumah (CEO, farmcrowdy) – Ned Stark

Trust me when I say Onyeka is a very humble being. In this interview, he talked about how he used his relationship currency to become the hand of the king get Farmcrowdy off the ground. But there’s a difference though – he’s not getting his head cut off, ever.

Raphael Afaedor (co-founder, Supermart) – Tyrion Lannister

Was a co-founder at Jumia (the Lannisters) but when he felt his “baby is now on its feet”, he moved on to join Daenarys Tygarien Gbolahan Fagbure to co-found (the unsullied) Supermart. Guess he’s doing well now there too.

Shola Akinlade (CEO, Paystack) – ??? Who do you think.


PS – This is just to refresh you, don’t take it too serious.

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