Huawei Mate 10 Pro dethrones Apple and Samsung in photography – DxO Mark


Just the other day, we wrote on how Samsung and Apple tied at number one on the photography rankings at DxO with 94 points. However, their reign was short-lived thanks to the high rating of the new Google Pixel 2 (scored 98 points). It seems the two tying companies have a new rival to worry about, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, it scored 97 points overall, just a single one shy of the current king.

The new Huawei flagship got a 100 points in the photo capture sector and 91 points in video recording. Keen eyes will realize that only a single device has ever hit the magic 100 points in photo capture section before, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It seems the dual Leica camera on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro has paid off. The setup has a 12MP RGB sensor + 20MP monochrome sensor, the two shooters are tuned by the German camera manufacturer, Leica.

DxO Mark awarded 5 stars to the Mate 10 in key aspects such as great details preservation, low noise levels, wide dynamic range and exceptional detail at 2X Zoom. That last part is quite an achievement considering that the device does not come with a telephone camera needed to achieve real 2X zoom, a component that is present in the now beaten iPhone 8 Plus and the Galaxy Note 8. As a side note, the new Tecno Phantom 8 comes with the coveted telephoto camera as well, but at an affordable price.

It will be amazing to see what other reviewers conclude when they compare these three amazing devices.