WhatsApp to soon launch a tablet version of their app, but there is a catch


The best thing about a tablet is the big screen real estate, ironically, it is also its worst aspect; this is because there is a rarity of apps that are designed to utilize such generous spaces. Most apps are simply the ones made for phones but are stretched out to fit the larger screens. WhatsApp wants to remedy this situation.

WhatsApp for Desktop UI, the iPad app might look the same way

According to information released by WhatsApp beta info, a website that tracks changes in the WhatsApp platform, the company is planning to make a special version of its app that will be running on tablets. Evidence for this rumor was found in the latest code for WhatsApp Desktop 0.2.6968 app. Here’s the catch, the leaked information mentions the name ‘iOS Tablet’ several times and we all know that only one tablet runs on iOS, the iPad.

Now that this code was found on the Desktop version of WhatsApp,  it is being speculated that the iPad version might behave the same manner as the desktop one, that is, you might need to route your chats from your phone to your iPad the same way you do on WhatsApp for Web. It might be required that you have your phone data on, and even be forced to scan a QR code for the iPad version to work. On the other hand, the iPad version might end up to be a standalone native app like we have on phones, am sure many people would prefer this implementation. This rumor comes at a time that the company is said to be implementing group voice calls.

Group voice calls coming to WhatsApp as well

As you wait for the update to come, you can be checking out WhatsApp Desktop (For PC and MAC) to get a hint of what the user interface might look like. Lets hope the same efforts come to the Android tablets soon.