You shouldn’t just go to anybody with your ideas – Jimoh Maiyegun, CTO Farmcrowdy


Some days back, Nigerian AgriTech startup, Farmcrowdy took a giant step on the celebration of their one year anniversary by launching their mobile app.

The occasion which was graced by partners, farm sponsors, beneficial farmers gave all attendees a realer and closer look at what Farmcrowdy is actually doing for smallholder farmers in the country. At the end, everyone saw the level of impact they have made, and are hoping to make in the nearest future.

We had the opportunity of speaking with the Chief Technical Officer (V.P Technology) of Farmcrowdy, Mr. Jimoh Maiyegun where he dished out a priceless advice to upcoming entrepreneurs saying, “Stick your guns to just one idea. If you do too many, you’d get too distracted”. This is one advice that a whole lot of tech startup founder could hold firm, and act on.

Mr. Maiyegun is an experienced ICT expert who has garnered over 10 years experience in software development, robust internet network implementation, ICT consulting and project management.

Jimoh Maiyegun, CTO Farmcrowdy

During our chat, he went further by saying it’s normal to have several ideas. According to him, when you have an idea, you run it by someone you trust and, who is an egghead – someone who thinks. You shouldn’t just go to anybody. This is why there are mentors and teachers to guide us and help us see reasons why an idea would fly or not.

Speaking on his relationship with the founder and CEO of Farmcrowdy, Mr. Onyeka, they met at the Aptech computer institute in 2005 where he taught Onyeka’s class once. Since then, they have worked in Abuja and Lagos together, and on fantastic projects too. There were several other projects before Farmcrowdy’s which idea came early last year around February, and was finally, fully launched in November.

In one year, Farmcrowdy has made a remarkable impact on over 4000 farmers already. And Jimoh Maiyegun predicts that in the next ten years, the company would have impacted well over 40,000 farmers. We really are looking forward to their future impacts, and contributions toward food security in the country. For now, you can read how they have defined the future of Agriculture in Nigeria.