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OPPO A series will be the most affordable Full Screen devices in the near future

OPPO A series is one of the most affordable devices the company produces, there are usually characterized by compact 5 inch screens, mid range specifications and a reasonable price tag.

OPPO A71, latest A Series device launched mid 2017

When having a press briefing with Andrew Peng, CEO of OPPO Kenya, after the launch of the F5, he revealed that the full screen technology will be making its way to the OPPO A series. A time frame wasn’t given of when we can start seeing this being actualized, but we can rest knowing that the upgrade is guaranteed.

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What makes this news so interesting is that OPPO A series might turn out to be the most affordable full screen device in the Kenyan market from a high ranking manufacturer. The latest A series was the A71, it was a great device whose price tag was only KShs 19,990. Assuming that the price will remain the same after the full screen is implemented (as they did with the OPPO F3 and the F5), then it will officially be the most affordable device touting that new tech. This new full screen and minimal bezels might see the A series lead from 5 inch to 5.5 inch on the same body footprint.

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Other high ranking manufacturers that have full screens on mid-range devices include Samsung Galaxy A 2018 series and LG Q series, both of which sell for KShs 30,000 and beyond. We applaud OPPO for this move and we can only hope that the pricing will be similar to their traditional devices in the A lineup.

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