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BitPaya would help you trade Bitcoin and Ethereum in Nigeria

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No doubt, cryptocurrency is on a major rise in Nigeria, Africa and the world. Many people have turned their attention to this “gold mine” whose value is on an upward spiral. But then, there has always been a problem on trading in cyptos for Nigerians. Now this is where BitPaya comes in.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are like the two most popular and traded cryptos in the world, and new platform BitPaya is bringing ease to trading with them. On the BitPaya platform, you can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with extreme ease in Nigeria.
According to a press release by the founders, “The importance of cryptocurrency cannot be over emphasised, its clearly the future of money and it has come to stay for as long as anyone can imagine.”

They noted that “Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum has been a challenge for many for a very long time but it does not have to be so. Everybody has a right to own cryptocurrency of their choice and it does not have to be difficult to buy or sell. It’s our obligation to make it very easy for everyone to either buy or sell Bitcoin or Ethereum.”

The platform makes this process so easy that “You do not have to deposit your local currency or your cryptocurrency and then wait for a long period of time in order to get your desired currency, thats where Bitpaya comes in with the obligation to bring your local currency or Bitcoin and Ethereum directly to you in minutes. Do all your exchanges on Bitpaya and enjoy speed and transparency in exchanging.”

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