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Tech Studies Offer Students New Opportunities across Africa

As the level of startup activity continues to grow pan-Africa, students of a Masters in Computer Science online will gain useful insight into high-level technology planning, coding of apps, and IT resource management. These types of skills are valuable to the new breed of young startups gaining funding from venture capital investors that see value in the burgeoning Africa technology sector.

Let’s examine the opportunities and how to tap into them.

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Skilling Up

To be useful, your skills have to be on par with your peers. Not every college offers quality education in the region, so it’s beneficial to take advantage of the online Computer Science Masters from the New Jersey Institute of Technology that is completely accessible over an internet connection.

This type of course covers computer science from multiple disciplines with optional specialties in networking or data mining and relational database work. There are also additional certificate programs to dig deeper into data mining to extract useful information from big data or engineering studies for software projects, analyzing results and re-designing software to improve its performance or ease of use.

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Mobile App Development

Whether your mobile platform of choice is iOS or Android, the idea of creating a mobile app is a hot idea right now. The suite of coding languages used for each platform is completely different and the attractiveness of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store differs, but it’s clearly understood that an app made in one country can transcend boundaries and grow to be popular throughout the world.

For young entrepreneurs and people with an independent streak, building a suite of apps or a single impressive one, opens door that were closed before. Monetization programs like Google’s advertising platform for mobile (AdMob) and competing ad networks provide an easy way to earn revenue even when offering a free app.

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The trick with mobile apps is coming up with interesting ideas that cause users to open and use the app regularly while connected to the internet, so adverts can be downloaded and served to users who occasionally tap on one. With a growing userbase, the occasional tap can turn into a flood of income which can then be used to develop out more apps or expand into other ventures that require greater capital to start.

Exciting Tech Positions in Growing Companies

Along with the opportunity work with startups in Africa, people who prefer to be employees either to gain valuable work experience or because they have no desire for independence, will have more avenues into top companies with good academic results.

Producing your own computer projects that are demonstrable at an interview stage by sharing a portfolio of past projects shows ingenuity, sophistication and an ability to complete assignments. This goes beyond what a prospective employer can see on the resume and is far more convincing about your abilities.

Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses
Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses
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