How To Record Keystrokes on Mac with Elite Keylogger Tool


You might have heard of Keylogger software but did not know what it meant, well, it is a tool that records keys typed into a computer, in simple terms; it keeps a log of the keystrokes. This kind of software can be very important especially to employers who want to monitor their employees or even parents looking out for their kids.

There are many such software out there but, in every list of best keyloggers for Mac OS X, you will find Elite Keylogger Tool  at the top; it lets you do much more than simply record keystrokes on Mac.

How to record keystrokes on Mac using Elite Keylogger Tool

The first step is to install the tool from their official website. You will find a free version that will allow you to explore the tool. In case you want the full set of functions, there is a powerful paid version that lets you record even usernames and passwords. Installing the Keylogger Software is easy since it follows the same process as other Mac OS X applications. In addition, this keystroke recorder for Mac supports even the latest OS update.

After installing, open the software and you will find a main window which has one click access to keystrokes recorded, screenshots, web activity and the clipboard. These logs can be filtered by date via a handy calendar, or by user and even by application. Elite Keylogger software can be configured to send the logs to an email address of your choice.

You might be wondering why the clipboard information is helpful, apparently, most people that use complex passwords usually have them typed somewhere, they copy and paste them every time they sign in. Screenshots, on the other hand, let you see what the user is seeing, such as inappropriate content for minors. Web activity will help you protect your children from online harassment and will let you know of employees surfing sites that are not related to their core duties. There is also an interesting feature called “smart inactivity detection” that informs you when your employees have not gotten any work done. All these functionality is available free of charge and are accompanied by detailed reports via Elite keylogger for Mac.

The premium version will let you capture passwords, record both sides of a chat from popular platforms such as Skype, Viber, iChat and many more features.


Do not wait around, grab yourself this powerful keystroke recorder and start monitoring your children and employees. It is important to note that, unlike other solutions out there, Elite Keylogger for Mac is completely undetectable to the target user. Make sure to visit their website to get more information about keystroke recorder for Mac.