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How to recover lost or deleted files

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They say human is to error and sometimes, that error comes in the way of accidentally deleting or formatting important data. Other times, a system crash or viral attack against our devices leads to loss of files that are dear to us. When this happens, don’t worry, there is a handy free data  recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Recovers data from all kinds of sources

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It does not matter where your files are stored, this data recovery software can easily recover them. It can handle files in the hard drives, flash drives, digital cameras, mobile devices, music players, memory cards and even partitions. Additionally, this file recovery software supports different formats of audio, video, photos, documents, emails and even archived files.

Handles different data loss crisis

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EaseUS understands that data can get lost due to various occurrences; they therefore made their Data Recovery Wizard able to cope with different unfortunate events. Some of those events include accidental deletion, system crash, partition loss, malware attack, hard drive failure and many others. When any of them happens, freight not, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software will help you restore everything.

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Easy to use recovery software

Data recovery software can be very difficult to use. However, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has been made in a manner that does not require the user to have any prior experience of file recovery. In fact, the whole process has been divided into three simple steps;

  1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.
  2. Scan the storage media, choose the files that you want to recover from the scanning results.
  3. Let recovery process to complete and your files are restored.

Simple, right? There are some extra features to further make the whole process easier such as Quick scan and Deep scan.

Quick scan lets you quickly scan storage devices, it is best suited for recovering files that were recently lost. In case you want a more thorough search, Deep scan is available. In addition, if you already did the scan on a different computer, you can simply import those results to another PC effectively saving you the scanning time.

Download today

Don’t wait up, go and grab EaseUS File Data Recovery Wizard today and instantly recover all your lost files for free. It can run on any windows version since XP all the way to the latest Windows  10 update.In case you want unlimited data recovery, there are paid versions that come bundled with free lifetime technical support  plus a higher tier with the ability to recover data even when your system fails to start or crashes.

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