In two words, what keep entrepreneurs going?


As budding, and even established entrepreneurs, it is very important to have that thing which keeps you going. Which no matter the challenges you face, it’ll be an advantage as you overcome obstacles. It could be anything, and it could be everything.

Different strokes for different folks, as we speak to entrepreneurs who are great in their own rights. In two words, they were asked to state that thing which keeps them going. It is not to say that every budding or aspiring entrepreneur must have the exact same thing, but it is to say that if you need what to push you, know where to look.

Speaking with Sanusi Ismail, founder of colab, the first Coworking space and incubator in Kaduna. Where he championed the forming of a tech ecosystem even in the whole northern part, he did tell us that God, and Grit were two important factors that kept him going. At the one year anniversary of Farmcrowdy, Jimoh Maiyegun who serves as the company’s Chief Technical Officer emphasized the importance, saying, “a lot of prayers went into the company” at its early stages. So. God. Grit.

In the same vein, while we interviewed Raymond Umeh, founder Skarabrand, an online furniture company, he thought in the same line too. For him, Grit and Patience kept him going till this point. Grit again, right? I believe one very important trait of an entrepreneur is his courage, which explains why grit keep showing its head always. And patience, is a virtue too.

For Joshua Chibueze, who co-founded SharpHire, feedback from users across their 3 products does it for him. Basically, when you receive positive feedback, you get assured that you are on the right track, yeah?

So, entrepreneurs, in two words, what are the things that keep you going?