Five phone scams that could potentially steal your money.


Scams are more hidden than you think, that´s the reason why you need to protect your money & information.

Scammers use anxiety tactics and threaten to send the police if you do not pay immediately, but do not fall into this trap. “The only official way to get in touch with you is by mail, to the official chancellery,” says John Sileo, an IT security expert. Even if callers don’t ask for money, they can still see your contact information and ask you to verify your identity. Don’t forget these tips to prevent a domestic scam:


Bank Calls

Some scammers will call your credit card number and ask you to enter your security code as confirmation. Others will say that your credit card has been frozen because you may be a victim of fraud, please ask for your social security number. Only disclose this information if you have made the call. Contact an online reverse phone lookup service and check the called number.


Virtual Abduction

A phone call from a kidnapper who’s supposed to have a loved one is terrible, but stay calm. It may sound cruel, but it doesn’t jump to the rescue, even when you hear screams in the background. He could be a crook who preaches fear. First, try to contact your loved one who will hopefully answer the phone. Be sceptical if the kidnapper tries to keep you tied up to make sure you have the money. “The general rule with kidnappers is to turn them off as soon as possible,”. “He who wants to be with you is not a kidnapper: he is a crook.


Grandpa’s fraud

Sometimes crooks focus on the elderly and pretend to be grandchildren. On a direct line, they will say they are in trouble – they may have lost their wallet in a foreign country – and they need you to send them money. Do not give money unless you can confirm that you are a family member. “If you’re anxious, get the right information from the crooks and attack them,”.


Happy Winner

Congratulations, you just won a million dollars! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too. This big cash prize or big vacation seems too tempting to ignore, but real things only happen when you order them. “In a legitimate lottery or sweepstakes, you have to participate in the game in one way or another,. Especially if your prize is worth millions of dollars – then you will probably be fooled.


Collection of donations

When charities, political parties and lobby groups call for donations, they are sceptical. “Some of them will be legitimate. Many won’t,”. “Dare to be rude and ask for more information about the charity. You need to know more. If you are concerned, research online whether it is a real charity or a real political party. If they don´t have a website, then they most likely won´t be an official organization!