Monday, August 8, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
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Google Maps’ integration with Uber removed

by Vivianne Musumba
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Google Maps and Uber teamed up in 2017 to come up with a feature that would enable one to search for, book and pay for an Uber direct from Google Maps.

It helped new people in a place to check for directions, distance and the estimated fare to their destination should they choose to take a cab. In the feature, users could also pay for an Uber without switching apps. It is obvious this is a step back for people who had gotten used to the feature, since one can still view fare estimates via the budget-friendly UberX.

Installation was not a must at that time. 18 months later and the feature has stopped. Recently, Google posted a new support page (first spotted by Android Police) that said, “You can no longer book Uber directly in Google Maps.” The feature had a ride-sharing tab which still exists but will direct you to the Uber App after giving you an estimate once you try use it.
Well, one can say maybe Uber wants its users to use the app more, or the two tech companies have unsolved issues. Either way, the e-taxi app still sources a lot of services from Google Maps that has established itself as the go-to navigation platform.

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