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Toronto-based Courier City, an Uber for international courier services launches in Kenya

by Charity Mbaka
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Courier City, a new Zimbabwean startup has launched in the country to allow users to shop and ship directly to Kenya in a mov expected to increase online commerce and access to international stores and designers.

The Zimbabwean-owned Canadian-based logistics startup is set to disrupt the traditional shipping modes for documents and parcels across the world through their person-to-person courier service. The company recently sent out a press release detailing how their plan works, as well as how it will enable customers to save up to 50%.

Sending packages across the globe has never been easier, or cheaper. Other couriers charge up to $150.00 to send documents. Courier Cty pioneered a way to pair senders with trusted travelers all the way to the receiver’s end at an affordable cost. They introduced a new route between Toronto and Nairobi as of 1st May this year. Travellers provide their luggage information upon which they will be matched with a sender. This process is done online, via the company’s website. All packages are checked to ensure compliance with airline rules. After conducting due dilligence, they are packaged and sealed with approved seals.

The travellers registered to earn money for their role in ensuring the shipper and receiver get frequent updates about their package. Upon arrival, the traveller hands over the package to a Courier City agent at the airport. Courier City is running an inaugural promotion that grants their first vetted carriers up to 50% of the cost of their airline tickets.

Courier City is designed to make package sending and receiving more affordable for the communities in countries at either end of the package. Courier City is active, servicing the Canada – Zimbabwe route, now Kenya. It is aiming to grow and expand the service into more territories around the globe. The startup said, “Courier City has designed its service to make it affordable for the communities in both countries to come together and bridge the gap of distance between families and businesses whilst helping individuals earn extra income for carrying the goods.”

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