Nigerian-based Paga joins global fintechs to launch new codes for digital services


Nigeria’s digital financial services provider, Paga, has joined an alliance of 50 plus Fintech investors and digital finance innovators who gathered at Amsterdam to launch investor guidelines aimed at spreading the benefits of the Fintech revolution even further.

The company noted that opportunities in the space have increased, and the risks surrounding digital financial services for investors, investees, customers and wider digital ecosystems across markets and regions have increased in equal proportions.

Paga CEO Tayo Oviosu, said his company is a proud supporter of the initiative and committed to responsible digital financial services by offering commercially viable products that are not predatory. He said, “Leveraging our human interaction to ensure that our offerings are clear to end users, and investing in consumer financial literacy programs in communities in which we work,” he said.

The organisations are amongst the leaders gín the fintech space globally and have teamed up to develop a set of guidelines for investors who are interested in funding inclusive digital financial services in a responsible way. The guidelines are a voluntary framework organisations can sign up to and use as guidance during investment in responsible digital financial services.

The guidelines will also benefit digital financial service providers and their customers by helping investors to better evaluate and manage risks associated with digital transformation and digitalisation.