The simplest way to recover lost/deleted files on your device


Ever been in a situation where an important file got lost either through accidental deletion, formatting or even through ways beyond your control such as hard disk damage? Well, you no longer need to worry during such occurrences, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard was designed for such occasions.

Various ways that a file can get lost

There are many ways that your important files can end up getting lost. They include;

  • Emptying of the recycle bin
  • A partition not getting recognized
  • A virus attack
  • Crashing of the operating system

The above can happen to you at any moment, since there is no such thing as being 100% safe from data loss. However, with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can easily recover all your data regardless of the format.

All file formats and storage devices are compatible

This file recovery software does not shy away from any file format, be it audio (mp3, AAC, MKV) , video (AVI, MP4 FLV) , document ( xls, docx, pdf) , photos (JPEG, PNG, RAW) or even ZIP folders (ZIP, RAR, ISO) just to mention a few.

The Data Recovery Wizard is also compatible with a wide range of storage devices such as computers/ laptops, digital cameras, USB drives, gaming consoles, smartphones, memory cards and many others.

Easy process of recovering files

You might be wondering what the actual process of recovery looks like, well, it has been narrowed down to only 3 steps. Gone are the days when recovering lost files was a task reserved for specialists. You don’t have to be tech savvy to operate the EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. Here are the simple steps required.

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Step 1

Install the free data recovery software, launch it and find the storage location of the files you want to recover, for instance, USB thumb drive or smartphone

Step 2

Scan the location or storage drive for recoverable files. Quick scan will save you time by doing a quick search, while deep scan is more thorough.

Step 3

When the scanning is done, the findings are displayed. From there, you can easily choose the files you want restored. Finally, click the “Recovery” button to initiate the process.

For convenience, the new version 12.0 will let you preview the scanned audio and video files to help decide the ones you want to recover. In addition, the videos that you eventually recover will be of much better quality than competing recovery solutions out there. Moreover, the new version comes with much faster scanning speeds.


Get yourself EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and save it for that rainy day when an important file gets lost. Enjoy the great new features of the latest version 12.0 today, simply head over to their website and get the free Data Recovery Software.