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Meet The Woman Who Owns An Online Micro Jobs Site For Skilled Manual Workers

by Vanessa Waithera
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Judith Ogwar starter her journey with a simple vision, she wanted to help women and manual workers.

Judith’s startup is called AkiraChix which is a non profit organization that was set to nurture women who are interested in technology and can benefit from it. The women are meant to gain technology and entrepreneurial skills, empowering them financially as well. The site itself has different programs that offer services for women such as the training program which trains women from low income areas. Within the training they learn how to program, design and gain entrepreneurship skills which eventually gives them financial independence and escape from poverty.

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So how exactly does this online program help them?

At the end of every school term the students get placements in different communities where they are placed for community service or internship. These women are also connected to women in tech who mentor them throughout the duration of the course. They have a curriculum that has experts from the technology industry who equip these women with tech skills but also guides them to become leaders. Currently Judith’s plan is to influence the technology industry in Africa by increasing the number of women creating impact using technology.

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