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Meet The Woman Who Is Helping Kenyan House Helps With Her Startup

by Vanessa Waithera
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She started off as a stay-at-home mother when she realized that there was a need for trained house helps.

Evelyn Kihia is the founder of Maids of Honour≅, a training and placement agency for nannies. The demand for better trained house helps is growing as parents get busier. They are the people that are left raising people’s children yet you will still hear people complain that their house helps can’t cook or that they don’t know how to clean. Most house helps have not been exposed to quality yet people have such high expectations from them. The average Kenyan family wants house helps that can do much more than baby sitting.

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They want house helps that actually manage the household.

Why have a house help who feels like a burden instead of actual help? These are the people who spend a lot of time in your house hence why Evelyn decided that she would take it upon herself to actually train nannies. She has been creating the ideal professional nanny that we all want. There are many bureau’s but those organizations are more of nannies who are put somewhere waiting for work. On the other hand Maids of Honour are trained nannies, nannies who now have skills in childcare, housekeeping and cooking. She can get you a nanny who can cook fancy meals like lasagna, pizza or an Asian cuisine.

Her business started in her home compound where she trained 5 nannies and made 10k.

Years later Evelyn is the proud owner of her own agency. She was up some months and down on others. What kept her going was the fact that there was always demand for trained nannies, which meant that there was work out there for her. Also, families were finally acknowledging the role that a house help plays in their homes. She also has her own site where allowing clients to be easily matched with the girl they want.


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