Kenyan Women Help In Creating An App To Prevent Pregnancy

There have been many apps suited for the general global market but not for the Kenyan market.

Kenyan women are forced to work with apps that are designed for other countries like the US. The problem with this is that we have different climates, different cultures we use Kgs instead of stones. This is why we needed an app like CycleBeads, an app that has been designed by women for women an app created to help prevent pregnancy without side effects. The app helps a woman know which days she is fertile and which days she is not based on her period start dates. This information can be used to prevent or plan pregnancy. CycleBeads is the only app that can be used to effectively prevent pregnancy by simply tracking a woman’s period start dates.

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CycleBeads is based on the Standard Days Method, a family planning method that:

  • Was proven more than 95% effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly in large-scale efficacy trials.
  • Is the most widely used modern natural family planning option in the world having been used by +4.5 million women worldwide in +60 countries, including Kenya.
  • Is designed for women with cycles between 26 and 32 days lon

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Cycle Technologies, the company that developed the CycleBeads app, is worked with Kenyan researchers and the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, to test its usability and impact. CycleBeads is unique in its approach, using the mobile phone to increase information needed to adhere to a natural family planning method (Standard Days Method). It is a great option for women in Kenya who want to plan the size of their families naturally without using hormonal contraception.

The CycleBeads Android app has already been downloaded by over 30,000 women around the world. Based on pilot research conducted by iHub, the original app has been updated to help better meet the needs of Kenyan women.