Top 10 Apps That You Can Use To Give Back


Donating money to charity should be a priority for all the people who want to help others in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

There are so many people in the world who need help and support that it would be impossible not to find a case that touches your soul. Some people won’t donate because the process is too complex, includes a lot of paperwork and it complicates things more than it would be necessary. This is the reason why developers started to think of methods to make the process of donation easier. Thus, many apps were launched to help people donate money easier and in a rapid manner. Here you’ll read more about the most popular apps for making small to big donations.

  1. Give 2 Charity

If you like discovering places and walking long distances, then Give 2 Charity is definitely for you. By using your phone’s GPS function, you can gain points that are later transformed into actual donations. All you have to do is going to the recommended places. The donation points are earned passively as you walk. There are also events such as completing surveys that allow users to gain additional points and redeem them into donations for a cause of their own choice.

give 2 charity

2. CheckPoints

CheckPoints is an app that engages users in different sorts of activities that generate rewards which can be donated to charity. CheckPoints includes activities such as watching videos for commercial purposes, taking different quizzes, simply shopping from one of your favorite website or complete surveys. The rewards can then be used in order to help nonprofit organizations. The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones.


3. ShareTheMeal

ShareTheMeal encourages people to donate small amounts of money with a single tap on their phone by downloading this app. In order to feed one child for an entire day, the minimum donation is as little as US$0.50 and it takes less than a minute to complete a transaction. ShareTheMeal collaborates with The United Nations World Food Programme, which collects the funds and eventually provides meals to Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children, but also families in Yemen, Northeast Nigeria, and Rohingya, the most hunger-affected areas in the world.

share the meal

4. Donate A Photo

Do you enjoy taking photos? Then go ahead and do something productive with this hobby of yours. By taking a photo and using the Donate A Photo app, a famous foundation named Johnson & Johnson donates US$1 to a cause you choose. After looking through the thousands of causes sustained by Donate A Photo, you can pick any photo from your gallery and share it on the app. US$1 will be donated to a cause related to women’s and children’s health, environmental health, global disease challenges and many more others.

donate a photo

5. Charity Miles

Passionate about sports and physical movements? Charity Miles is an app that transforms every mile registered on the app into actual donations. It can be any time of movement, including dancing, biking or simply walking to work. Regardless of how active your lifestyle is, each mile counts. The miles are then repurposed by sponsors such as Johnson & Johnson, Varidesk, JackRabbit, Blueprint for Athletes and many more. To this day, Charity Miles donated more than US$2.5 million.

charity miles

6. Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a browser add-on that lets people know when they are online shopping on a website that has a cash back option. The add-on tracks your checkout process and alerts you when cash back is available. Then, the respective amount of money can be donated to a nonprofit or other charity causes. The Giving Assistant extension is compatible with the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari.

giving assistant

7. JustGiving

This is an app for iPhone and Android phones that makes fundraising very easy. JustGiving works both ways – you can either start a fundraising yourself or sustain other causes that are already uploaded on the app. Everything can be done on the go, without complicated fill-in paperwork. The app also comes with a series of fundraising tools that makes everything easier – the donations can be received through Facebook, you can easily build a compelling campaign page or you can add a Donate box connected to your JustGiving account on your personal website.

just giving

8. Coin Up

This is another mobile app that transforms all your uneven card transactions into even ones by rounding them up and donates the spare change to a charity of your choice. The app tracks your purchases and then rounds up the change. The change is donated to a charity at the end of each month. Users can select a certain goal that can be donated monthly, so there is no need to worry about too much money being spent on donations. Coin Up is sustained by numerous nonprofits and has many strategic partners. Coin Up is available on the App Store and the donations can be stopped whenever the user opts for it.

coin up

9. One Today

Google came up with a great app which makes the donation process easier than ever. Donating a small amount of money with just one click could motivate people to engage in charity activities more, and this is what One Today is all about. This app gathers many nonprofits in one single place so that people can choose their cause and sustain it. One Today also wants people to share the initiative and invite other persons to use this service through the Pay it Forward feature, which allows you to donate money in the name of another friend to encourage them to continue.

one today (1)

10. Budge

The main goal of Budge is to offer mobile giving services to all users who want to rapidly donate some money to charities. Budge works with challenges – you challenge a friend to do something and whoever loses has to make a small donation to a charity. It’s an entertaining way to make donations. Plus, the transactions are small, but they have a big impact in the long-run.