Mimba Bora App Can Now Help You Monitor Your Pregnancy


When a woman is experiencing her first pregnancy everything is new, she is mostly worried about her unborn baby.

The fuss for a first time mother is how everything is working in her, so many unanswered questions and sometimes you can’t keep nagging your doctor for answers. This is where Mimba Bora comes in, the monitoring pregnancy mobile app is now helping Kenyan parents have an easier time. A team of Kenyan doctors teamed up with a leading IT company and created this amazing app. Both fathers and mothers are able to monitor their unborn baby from fertilisation to child birth. Instead of Googling every day and every passing minute this app updates you on everything you need to know.

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It’s a great way for both mother and father to have a common understanding about what’s going on in the mother’s body.

Sometimes fathers are in shock because of the hormonal changes while mothers are confused when they are nauseous or feeling sick. It informs the parents of important things like when the heart begins to beat, when the baby gets defined facial features and when they begin to move. It also shows the changes that the mother’s body goes through and gives nutrition guidelines, using locally available foods, pregnancy safety tips and informs the mother of some of the health issues that are associated with pregnancy and how to deal with them.

Parents using the app are also able to consult a doctor without having to meet them physically.

They have access to free emergency services provided by St Johns whenever needed. This proves that maternal health care in Kenya is only changing for the better. With parents being able to access maternal advice on their phones from credible sources it means that we can reduce children’s mobility. Such apps also change the involvement of fathers in the pregnancy, for most times fathers don’t really know what role they are meant to play but if you have such an app it’s easier to communicate and be integrated in every step.