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Sisters Create An App That Will Connect Women To Sanitary Towels

One of the most ignored issues with women is the monthly cycle.

We live in ignorance forgetting that there are very many women who do not have access to sanitary towels. Two sisters however took matters into their own hands and created an app known as Dial a Pad, which gives women an option of ordering sanitary towels and their delivery to offices or homes. The first thought I had was why can’t I simply go to a super market and buy some? But not everyone has a store around the corner to simply pop in and buy sanitary towels.

Linda  and Faith Kimeu, co-founders of the Dial a Pad application. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL | NMG

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Their brilliant idea was first heard of on the Lions Den show where the sisters pitched their idea.

Soon after the sisters got a lot of positive feedback from both businesses and people who were interested. They started out with a capital of Sh500,000 to add on to that they also partnered with Sendy, an online platform which delivers products to clients.  This has allowed Kenyan women and girls can now make orders of sanitary towels which are delivered to their homes and other destinations. Though selling the idea was a bit taxing they confirmed that they have been able to sell more than 200 products monthly.

The app also has a place for menstrual hygiene which is helpful especially for young girls.

The assumption that women actually know about their cycles is a flawed one. Many girls are given sanitary towels but then that’s where it ends. The importance of hygiene during menstruation is very important as it can also affect someone’s reproductive health.  The app has a section where a parent can request the firm to host a party for their daughter who has witnessed her first periods. The party, hosted by  certified peer educators, includes lessons on menstrual hygiene and changes in the body. They also give the girl a year’s supply of sanitary towels. So far the sisters have received an award from the Dutch embassy as they plan on spreading their app widespread.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera is a young writer from Daystar University. She has been a writer for 5 years and enjoys it as a hobby and passion. During her free time she enjoys nature walks, discoveries ,reading and takes pleasure in new challenges and experiences. Contact: [email protected]

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