Truehost Cloud offers free SSL Certificates this festive season to nab in customers


Truehost Cloud Limited, a premier cloud computing company with operations in Kenya and Nigeria has started offering free SSL certificates to all users across the globe. This was revealed by the Truehost Cloud Limited CEO, Mr Jacob Mugendi, who announced that the services will be offered in collaboration with Let’s Encrypt, and gives all websites hosted with Truehost Cloud a basic SSL certificate to secure the site.

The move by Truehost to offer free SSL follows a growing need for data encryption and enhanced security in the modern world, as cyber criminals continue to target data. Many browsers are now actively warning users when they visit unsecured websites, and unsecured websites getting lower SEO rankings with major search engines. “The internet operates like a road network, and involves data moving from one point to another, passing through many intermediary points. This data needs to be secured while in transit.” said Mr Mugendi. “We all benefit when we know our data is safe, and that no one is stealing our personal information out there for malicious or unknown purposes.”

Let’s Encrypt is the leading free SSL certificate in the world today, offered by Internet Security Research Group. The organization works to eliminate barriers to secure communication over the internet, thus the move to offer free SSL. SSL certificates encrypt data that is being sent from a web browser to a server, ensuring that a third party (also known as Man in the Middle) cannot intercept and read the data. This is a major step in safeguarding private information.

Truehost Cloud is a registered .ke domain registrar by KeNIC, and operates in Kenya and Nigeria, offering domain registration services, web hosting, SSL certificates, and virtual servers through its global subsidiary CloudPap. It has grown exponentially by offering the revolutionary free web hosting services which has seen many people get a chance to have their own websites. The company hopes that the move is a step further to bettering the experience people have on the internet, with the launch of free SSL.