4 Reasons Kenyan Women Are Afraid Of Using Taxify


The taxi-hailing app has faced a lot of backlash over the last couple of months.

Kenyan women and in Africa have been complaining about Taxify and with very good reasons. There have been scary stories of women being abused by drivers and women are now taking a stand against Taxify. Here are the reasons Kenyan women are scared of Taxify.

1. The stories of being robbed

There have been stories of drivers stealing from clients. The problem with Taxify is that the company has no employee employer relationship so they can hardly take any legal actions against their own drivers. Passengers are then forced to take their own action.

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2. The stories of sexual abuse

There have been cases of sexual abuse. The two cases that made rounds on social media is where a lady claimed that she was drugged and left on the roadside with her clothes torn. Another lady said that while she was sleeping the driver attempted to put his hand up her skirt, this has been widely reported and is the most disturbing on this list.

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3. The stories of violent and rude drivers

Sometimes drivers use a longer route or are unnecessarily rude. Questioning some drivers is hard especially when they feel the need to make stops like fueling which they really shouldn’t do during the trip. They tend to be harsher towards women which is totally unfair.

4. The hiking of prices unnecessarily

This goes for both men and women but I think women are the victims as men expect less from them. There have been stories of fraudulent apps being used by drivers where they hike the price so the fare estimate you had will basically be nonsense.

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How has your experience been with Taxify?