Humanz wants to simplify influencer marketing for agencies, brands & influencers in SA


Social influencer marketing has become incredibly popular in the world with marketers working with agencies and brands to increase their awareness and engagement.

However, identifying micro-influencers – 80% of whom work independently, lack of audience-based planning, no clear ROMI, fraud among others deter firms and agencies from working with influencers on a daily.

Humanz, a deep search created in 2017 by five young men from Tel-Aviv, aims to provide marketers and agencies with influencer marketing solutions that have audience data accuracy and reporting capabilities of paid digital channels.

The end-to-end data-driven influencer marketing solution, relies on image recognition, natural language programming and complex algorithms to help marketing and agencies to better plan, manage and report on their influencer marketing campaigns.

According to Pierre Cassuto, CMO for Humanz globally and CEO African operations: “Most South African influencer campaigns have used celebrities or social stars, due to the difficulties and time-consuming nature of manually identifying, verifying, and working with smaller influencers. However, engagement rates are, on average, inversely proportional to audience size on both Instagram and Twitter. Smaller influencers are also considered more trust-worthy and hence more likely to ‘influence’.”

Haumanz technology replicates what a human eye and brain would. It looks at publicly available to data, images, text, emojis, etc… to make smart assumptions about the person behind a profile. Is this a middle-aged man? Does he have kids? Does he like to read and comment about finance, food and art? Humanz analyses over 1M profile per day in this way.

Unlike other solutions on the market, marketers are hence not limited to viewing influencers that are signed up with Humanz, but can review every single profile in their market based on publicly available data. Furthermore, Humanz analyses not only influencer profiles but every single follower as well, allowing marketers to review influencers based on their actual audience profile, rather than an assumed one. This also allows Humanz to easily detect bots, inactive and fraudulent accounts instantly, without relying on proxi data or value judgements.

The platform has been successfully piloted with a number of agencies, brands, and influencers in South Africa. The platform is promising to help agencies and brands an efficient way bring influencer marketing in-house at minimal costs.