An Honest Review of Nine University’s KT V.I.P. Program


I’m no stranger to Amazon. For the past few years, I’ve tried my hand at drop-shipping and even buying off liquidation lots. Though I was successful for some time (enough to quit my full-time job), there have also been many lessons and drawbacks. Eventually, the time invested wasn’t worth the little return I was getting, which led me to consider new opportunities with Amazon FBA. 

That’s when I came across Nine University’s KT V.I.P. program through Facebook. It was promoted as a comprehensive, mentor style Amazon FBA online course that would show me step-by-step how to create the perfect private label product to sell on Amazon and how to build a six-figure plus business doing it. 

One of the things that immediately resonated with me was something Kale and Taylor, the founders of Nine University and KT V.I.P., said about the biggest mistakes they see sellers making: choosing the wrong product! After watching the free training. I was sold! 

Another plus was the emphasis on advertising strategies which has been something I’ve struggled with in the past. I was excited.  

Something important to know is just how extensive KT V.I.P. actually is. There are a lot of components to it. But, funnily enough, it never feels overwhelming. Most videos are under 20 minutes and really get straight to the point. 

Other training courses I have taken in the past always seem to drag on and on, and you have to listen to an hour just to get about 5 minutes of good information. On the other hand, KT V.I.P. keeps things upbeat and Kale and Taylor’s motivational personalities really make it easier to watch the videos. 

Let’s be honest, some aspects of Amazon FBA can be boring, but they somehow manage to make it entertaining and engaging. A huge perk is that KT V.I.P. doesn’t end at pre-recorded videos. Anything that you don’t find or still have questions on you can either access in the very helpful Facebook group, or attend a daily livestream where your questions can be answered in real time. I also really like that they actively update the course and provide current information based on what’s working on Amazon TODAY. 

Overall, the entire approach to content feels personalized. Plus, the mentorship really comes in with bi-weekly coaching sessions with a 6-figure seller which will come in handy many times I’m sure. 

I have currently finished all 7 weeks of KT V.I.P. And there’s 7 EXTRA weeks of trainings and other bonus features, too.  I am just starting on the extensive Facebook Ad training. 

I feel like I have already  taken in so much information, but I have only completed 172 out of 337 modules.  There is still so much to learn. 

So, far I’ve launched 2 products, have 3 more in production. We are about to finalize negotiation for 4 more products, and now have a list of over 50 ideas. I’ve started to build our brand, which is in the process of getting trademarked. Advertising is starting to take off on the products we launched and sales are coming in DAILY!!!

My short term goal is to generate $30k in income monthly to cover all of my personal and business overhead. Then it is to get to $100k per month, and I plan on making over $1 mil in profit in 2020. This will require about $7200 per day in sales at our current margins so we have some work to do! 

It’s crazy to think how much ACTION I’ve taken already and I’m not even through with all KT V.I.P. has to offer. 

If you want to learn more about Nine University and all the other perks it includes, head over to Highly recommend watching the training if you’re somehow not sold yet by my personal review!