Playing Classic Games in 2019 as Easy as ABC


Almost a semi-centenary has passed since the first 8-bit games hit the entertainment market. Over time those simplistic titles gave way to more sophisticated, as of that time, 16-bit and 32-bit titles that captivated so many players worldwide… Now we call them “classic” or “retro games.” They were pioneers that ushered in the era of jaw-dropping games millions of gamers play in the 21st century. But why are we setting out sights on old titles and succumb to nostalgic memories every time we recall our retro gaming consoles? Why are these things attracting more and more players at the era of immersive gaming? We know the answer and will bet you do, too!  

Now when we say “retro games,” such legendary entertaining systems as Nintendo, Playstation, Sony, and Sega come to our mind. They were pioneers that save the video game industry from decay and oblivion and imbued every household with the spirit of fun, excitement, and vigor. “Yes, retro games were all about fun…” That’s what the majority of classic gamers say and then sigh nostalgically. Stop signing right away! There is no need to search frantically for vintage console and cartridges and pay tons of money on expensive, but outdated and often improperly functioning, toys anymore. Now you can start playing your favorite retro games on such habitual devices as smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs, of course. Titans of retrogaming have developed special tools wherewith you can set out on a fascinating journey down memory lane. These tools are emulators. Once you install reliable emulation software on a specific device and get a couple of games, also known as ROMs, from abandonware websites, you can dive headfirst into the world of Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Link, and Sonic. Can’t wait to meet up with your childhood friends? Go on reading our article! 

Where to Look for the Best Retro Games? 

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With classic games undergoing their digital renaissance, there emerge multitudes of abandonware websites that host the games from the past. You can google for “abandonware websites” and go search for your favorite games on them. Still, we should warn you against using the online resources whose reputation is dubious or cannot be verified. Reliable sites are longstanding and time-tested. They offer safe emulators and the best ROMs. But very often users experience difficulties when searching for them. Truth be told, abandonware websites are not something an ordinary user would be interested in. Consequently, only an experienced retro gamer can tell you what site to use to get the best game for your emulator. So do we! 

We suggest that you take a look at our list of the best abandonware websites that offer retro games.

  • RomsMania. RomsMania deserves to go first on our top list. This time-tested, reliable, and extremely popular online resource is famed for its vast collection of classic games. On RomsMania, you can find any title created for Nintendo, Sega, Sony PlayStation, or even such fossils as Atari or arcade machines. RomsMania’s simple and easily navigable interface will help you locate and download any game in no time. All you need to do is to select the console whose game you want to play, say, Nintendo, and then pick as many Nintendo’s titles from the list as your emulator can support. Go hunt for a couple of nice ROMs on right now! 
  • RomsMode. We couldn’t but mention RomsMode, another worthwhile abandonware website, on our list. Apart from a plethora of fascinating ROMs for all popular retro video gaming consoles, this site boasts high-quality emulation software. Similarly to RomsMania, RomsMode enables you to quickly find a desired game and download it onto your device. Millions of users have already downloaded their favorite games from this site. So what are you waiting for?
  • EmuParadise. EmuParadise is one of the earliest abandonware sites that have been providing fans of classic games with stable emulators and specially selected ROMs and ISOs of their favorite arcade and console games. Visit its “Popular ROM” section to learn what games are especially popular with other retro gamers. Going to “Quick Links” will spare you the time and bother of scouring the website for necessary emulation software, popular video game music (Yep! EmuParadise offer it as well), or video game movies/magazines/TV shows, etc. Intrigued? Check out the products EmuParadise offer yourself! 
  • My Abandonware. If it hadn’t been for such sites as My Abandonware, classic games would have sunk into oblivion and you wouldn’t be enjoying them presently. My Abandonware offers the earliest games, including those developed more than forty years ago, and modern tiles, including those released in the second decade of the 21st century. Head to My Abandonware to find the game that will suit your taste.  
  • KillerRoms. If you’re into really old games, you should definitely visit the KillerRoms website. It’s one of the largest DOS games websites in the world which boasts a huge library of classic games you can download for free. Along with fun old games, you can find lots of useful manuals that will help you make the most of your gameplay. Go dive headfirst into the world of pixels and simplistic-yet-fun platformers with Abandonia! 

How to Play Downloaded Games?

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As we have noted, retro games or ROM files alone are not enough to begin playing classic games. So, go look for a nice emulator that can support the games you want to play. To save yourself the unnecessary hassle, you can visit the same sites you used to download your retro games. A vast majority of popular abandonware resources offer emulators as well. 

  • Take note of the fact that one and the same emulator cannot be used to run the games developed for different consoles, which means that you won’t be able to play, say, GameCube games on the Higan emulator capable of supporting only NES and SNES titles. 

Downloading an emulator is no brain surgery at all. It’s as easy as downloading a song or a movie. Still, the process of installing and setting up your tool may vary from emulator to emulator. Therefore, take care to follow on-screen recommendations or consult appropriate guides that will help your install and tweak the setting on the chosen emulator. 

Once you set up your emulation tool, you can go ahead and start playing the immortal classics on your computer!