10 Gadgets That Literally Belong To the Future


Whether you want to make your home smarter or enhance your smartphone’s usability, technological advancement has come to encompass every need of yours irrespective of how intricate or how simplistic that may be. To the point the gadgets you felt you saw only in pop culture movies are turning into a reality. 

Innovative gadgets, while expensive, give a boost to your productivity levels at your workplace and otherwise. The future IS tech and both individuals and organizations need to adopt the modern day changes solely for their own betterment. 

Without further ado, if you are curious to know what these emerging tech gadgets are – here is the list with the top 10 futuristic devices to cater to your interest.  

1.  Zungle Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses

Audio sunglasses? Sounds like something straight out of the future ain’t it? Zungle has launched a new way to enjoy music in style. Zungle sunglasses are integrated with bone conduction speakers, a technology initially developed for medical purposes which has now shifted towards headphones and speakers. These speakers are not the only unique attribute of these sunglasses. You are given full AI voice control and UV ray protection too. Hence, this futuristic gadget tends to combine both entertainment and eyewear protection.

2. JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror

$79 for a makeup mirror does sound expensive but wait until you realize what this small mirror has to offer. The JUNO smart mirror is attached with three varying levels of lighting perfect for any time of the day. Whether you are sitting in a sun kissed room or a dimly lit area, the smart mirror helps you find the best lighting according to your current light mode. A storage tray is an additional attribute where you can keep your on-the-go makeup items.  

3. Sgnl For Quick Phone Calls

While you might think you have seen a similar gadget in the movie Matrix, Sgnl is a smart strap which allows you to make phone calls with the tip of your finger. Can’t believe it? Watch this video and you will. Whenever you receive an incoming call, you can place your fingerprint to your ear and use the built-in microphone to answer. Setting up Sgnl is quite easy as you only require a strong Bluetooth connection. 

4. Smart Nora Noise Reduction

Fed up with your significant other’s constant snoring? Well worry no more, Smart Nora is equipped with the solution you have been looking for to be able to sleep peacefully. The device is set up in three different steps. First, you place the ‘Pillow Insert’ under the pillow and the ‘Pebble’ microphone somewhere near your bed such as on a table nearby. Finally, place the ‘Base’ under the bed and it will reduce snoring noise overall. If you think spending $359 is worth sleeping in peace then it would make a pretty cool gift for your partner’s upcoming birthday.

5. Ili Portable Language Translator

You have made travel plans with your friends but concerned about how you will converse while traveling? Ili is a portable online translation device solely designed for travelers. It takes Ili only 0.2 seconds to detect voice input, recognize the language and play the relevant translation through the speaker. Surprisingly, the device requires no Wi-Fi connection so you can take it with you on the subway, to an eatery or a sightseeing spot without having to worry about communicating in a foreign language.   

6. SpotMini Intelligent Robot Dog

Are you someone who is eager to keep pets but due to circumstances cannot? Won’t it be cool if you owned a pet ‘robot’? Well, SpotMini is an intelligent robot replicated to act just how a real pet dog would. If you instruct Spot to climb the stairs, it will. If you instruct it to pick up a certain item, it will. It brings a very fun twist to the smart gadgets of today. Surely, the concept of a smart vacuum cleaner or any other smart home appliance is overused. So why not spend your leisure time at home with a robot trotting around. 

7. Muzo Vibration Monitoring System 

Tired of uninvited disturbances? Muzo has the solution you are looking for. This vibration monitoring system turns any smooth surface into a personalized acoustic environment where you have full control over outside noise, vibrations and sound speed. Certainly, you crave for a time where you can relax and get lost in your thoughts and that’s exactly the core foundation of Muzo’s design. Simply stick the device to a window or any nearby flat surface and experience complete noise reduction – you will find yourself surrounded by total serenity. 

8. ORII Voice Assistant Ring 

It has become common practice to rely on the built-in voice assistants in your smartphone but at some point or the other, you do become bored of it. ORII, deemed as the ultimate voice assistant ring, uses the same technology but with more portability and comfort. Designed to eliminate the hassle of constantly checking your phone for messages, notifications and phone calls, simply integrate ORII with your phone and acquire the very same features as of your smartphone without having to take it out. 

9. Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror 

A smart home device in the form of a mirror, Capstone Connected has released its very first smart mirror integrated with Google support. You can install the mirror on any smooth surface, preferably clear glass or a window. The smart mirror comes with a carbon steel stand, which ensures its durability. Since it is an inter-connected mirror, it requires a stable internet connection. So, before you integrate it with your Google Voice Assistant or run pertinent applications, make sure your internet connection is as stable as the ones offered through buytvinternetphone

10. Mui Interactive Smart Display 

A smart interactive display on a wooden plank..? Futuristic? Unquestionably! Since it is shaped like a wooden plank it does seem a bit odd. But in reality, Mui smart display is an interactive interface, which allows you to not only connect to the internet but also control your home appliances as well as your frequently used smartphone widgets. Suppose, you want to know what time it is or the current weather, simply connect your smartphone’s Google Assistant to Mui, and use the speaker to transfer your instructions over and view the relevant answers on the display.