How To Handle Negative Comments Online


How do you handle negative comments online?

Social media can be a very dangerous to be in. People tend to hide behind their words more often than not and some people have no filter. Personally, I don’t know how to handle backlash from online haters but I am slowly realizing that there’s always a classy way of handling things and here’s how.

1. Say something positive

You can say something positive and by positive I mean sarcastic. You can respond to someone’s comment in a sarcastic but smart manner like Safaricom usually does you’re not starting an online war but by doing this you might just end up creating conversation which might be good for your brand.

2. Delete and block the person if need be

This works especially if it’s for your personal brand. Delete the person if you think that that particular follower is just a hater or delete and ignore the heckler.

3. Think before you respond to a comment

Always remember that when you respond to a comment even if you might end up deleting the comment someone is always fast to take a screenshot, so think before you take any action.

4. Tell your friend or anyone else to respond to the negative comments

So you can’t be the one to respond because you want to protect your brand? Take time and respond to comments using someone’s account instead, this way you will not get in any trouble.