6 Flirting Mistakes Guys Make On Social Media

Has a guy ever hit on you on social media?

There are several issues that I personally have with guys who hit on me on social media. To begin with, I always wonder if they are catfishing me or does that guy really look like Trey Songz? Let’s admit it, many guys on social media awkwardly hit on you and they are just the worst. Most of them are weird, too sexual and just seriously creepy. But, what if you’re actually a nice guy with a face that does look like Trey Songz and you’re trying to get that special girl? Here are the mistakes you should avoid making.

1. You don’t have any photos at all

You may think that not having any photos at all makes you look mature or private but if you’re hitting on someone on social media they will definitely want to see your real picture. From your photo, they can tell your age and if they are interested in you or not. There’s no point in having a serious conversation and then when she sees you she will not be interested. Put yourself out there because you can’t hide behind your keyboard forever.

2. You send too many messages at the same time

We get it, you like the girl, you love her social media stories and who she is, but please don’t be the desperate guy who keeps sending many messages. This is just creepy and will land you on the blocked list together with all the other creepy guys. Wait for her response when you send a message otherwise it will feel like you’re nagging and just annoying.

3. You like all photos at the same time

Yes, you like her face and all her inspirational quotes, but keep that like in your heart. Liking a few pics is okay to display interest but nothing more or less. Liking all her photos is just obviously showing her that you’re stalking and her and though we all do this when we like someone online, you are meant to do it silently, okay?

4. You send sexual images

This is a no, no and is very disrespectful at the same time. Sending sexual images to a woman just shows that you’re only interested in sleeping with her and it’s honestly disgusting. There’s no point in sending images of your body, if you woo her nicely you may get to that point one day but not on social media.

5. Ask for her number too soon

Don’t be that guy who expects to send a “hi” and “what’s your number?” all too soon. Asking for her number too soon will make you look entitled if you don’t have a back story to it. You need to create a conversation first get to know each other, make her feel comfortable enough to actually want to give you her number then you can ask for it.

6. You sound serious or like a job interview

If you’re going to ask a girl a million and one questions on the first day then she will feel like you’re interrogating her and that’s just wrong. Have a bit of personality and character, be funny and interesting at the same time, things will fall into place.