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Google Photos update brings new timeline editor for movies in its web interface

Google has added a new feature to the Google Photos web interface, a new timeline editor for movies. Various of Google’s recent products place their focus on mobile, but the same cannot be said for its features on desktop. 

Android Police noted that while the Chrome browser maker has introduced a slew of enhancements to the Google Photos app on Android and iOS, it has left the Photos web interface without something like an editor that can be used for many things.

Google, however, realized that and added some editing capabilities to the Photos web client to enable it to do some of the things the mobile app does. Google Photos’ new web interface now allows users to make simple edits to videos they create using the photos they upload to the photo storage and sharing service.

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Android Police also noted that the editor is still lacking some features that other editors offer. Users won’t be able to overlay some text on their videos or even add filters to their videos, no matter how short or long these videos are. It’s not hard to imagine why the editor has these limitations, though the mobile app has them too.

However, the editor allows users to do some things with their videos like adding clips, pictures and live photos to the videos. Users can also trim and reposition these elements in the video’s timeline, or even change the music used in a video.

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As much as the new editor on the Google Photos web client won’t be enough to replace other video editing software, not even the basic ones, it will still give users an easy way to make simple edits on the videos they share with others on the internet. Although it may only prove useful to those who don’t have other video editors on their computers or those who only need minor edits.

Feritter Owich
Feritter Owich
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