Twitter halts move to deactivate dormant accounts


Twitter has announced a new move not to remove dormant accounts just days after the announcement.

This new change comes after a backlash by other twitter users who had objected that some of the inactive users are people close to their hearts who have died, for instance, renown celebrities who they need to memorize their deaths.

On November 27th, twitter through their Twitter support account reverted to the outraged users that they will not be removing any inactive account until they can find a better way to memorize the deceased.

Similarly, Facebook enabled its users to memorize their deceased family members and friends and other influential people who have died. If Twitter comes up with this concept, users might be at free will to let them delete the inactive accounts.

Prior to this announcement, twitter had notified its users that, any account that has been inactive for a period of six months or more will be subject to removal as of December 11th 2019.

According to statistics by Statista, Twitter had an average count of about 330 million active users as of the first quarter of 2019, owing to this huge number, creating a new account is of great difficulty. Unlike Facebook and other social media accounts, Twitter has a limited number of usernames.

The move could be a reliever to many who would want to use a specific twitter handle once the inactive ones are removed. Although twitter says the removal was to focus on the EU before spreading to other countries for integrity purposes, the new announcement doesn’t reveal when the plan will be relaunched.

The also discloses that, once the inactive policy is enacted, more usernames will be free up for use once the dormant accounts are removed.

Another thing to note is that the number of followers for some accounts will also decline. Following the recent twitter clean up where inexistent users were removed, this might be a similar account for users who use twitter for businesses, especially influencers who depend on their followers.

No doubt part of this move is meant to limit abuse, as many businesses trying to grow their following turn to black hat methods, such as purchasing followers and using these dorman or fake accounts. If you think your business will be impacted by this, then it is best to take steps to ensure that you know how to gain Twitter followers the right way.