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Google Photos Launches Manual Face Tagging for Its Users

by Val Lukhanyu
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Google Photos has come up with an updated photo gallery to enhance the better user experience for its customers.

Google Photos new update will enable users to manually face tag other people who they have not tagged previously or without necessarily having uploaded many photos. A user is able to tag someone immediately after taking a picture, a process that previously needed more time to have google assemble other photos taken together.

However, the face detection procedure still relies largely on google to a person’s face. For instance, if you take a picture of a pet or someone and omit their faces, it will automatically reject the tagging because the picture is unrecognizable without a face. This is quite disappointing for google photos fanatics but the limitations with the update are quite minimal.

According to, it’s noted that currently if google fails to recognize a face, the user is now able to manually tag them. The application now allows a user to edit, name and even add a new tag or un-tag and re-tag people or locations or pets when you no longer want any association with them.

The article illustrates further that, if your picture contains a large group of untagged people, the good news is that now you can assign names to all one in one swoop.

Another advantage is that; users are able to rectify any tagging errors for example in the of identical twins or similar pets. Also, mirrored faces can quickly be tagged using the new feature which makes it more fun. A user can take hundreds of pictures and assign thumbnails to have well recognized by google.

This could probably the best development ever for fun and crowd lovers in 2019. Weddings, thanksgivings and parties are here and this time google photos will come in handy with easy to edit, tag un-tag and hide unnecessary photo bombers and passersby who were not your target.

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