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Apple to relaunch iPhone SE 2 With a New Name

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iphone SE 2 is projected to be relaunched into the market with a new name.

A source from Techradar reveals the phone might be renamed iPhone 9 but will all the features including the initial prices.

Initially, Apple discontinued the 16 and 64 GB variants and replaced them with 32 and 128 GB capacities which were more appealing but with time the new devices were as well discontinued.

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Although the phone can easily be found in the market especially the refurbished ones, Apple no longer manufactures them.

In a review by Business Insider, the phone is small at just four inches, it provided a low-cost alternative fo people who were not enticed by larger-screened iPhones on a budget.

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iPhone SE 2 is also said to have been a great performer in an adorable package that is pocketable and proven design with a flush camera, pressable home button, flat and symmetrical design and an actual edge to hold on to.

Alongside that, The power of the iPhone SE 2 is also as powerful as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

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Techcrunch notes that It was the best object Apple ever designed, filled with the best tech it had ever developed. It was the best phone ever made.

According to a source by the, iPhone needs to produce a $299 iPhone to be able to compete in the Indian market.

According to a report by Nikkei, Apple is looking to retake ground in its lost markets like China and India which they have lost to competitor companies like Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi.

The new model is in close in similarity with the 2017’s iPhone 8 release. the phone will feature an LCD display, single-lens camera and 128 GB of storage.

Following the September 2018 Apple special vent, no affordable successor was announced but all the rumours around the news sources reveal it might be released in the first or second phase of 2020.

Another thing to note on the phone is that there is a likelihood to have an A 13 chipset which is found in the iPhone 11, a 3GB RAM but with an iPhone 8 design close to up to 4.7 inch LCD screen.

The home button of the Iphone SE I also projected to have a touch ID instead of the face ID.

Besides it being a  compact handset and a quite affordable price range foreseen to cost around $ 280 for the 32GB capacity and  $450 for the 128 GB capacity, the phone will have an updated iOs 12 which is Apple’s  latest software

Although Apple never explained the sudden discontinuation of the iPhone SE 2, there is still a huge number of customers who still hold onto it besides the more than enough classic releases that have followed.



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