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Google Calendar Now Lets You Move Events Across Calendars

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Google calendar for Android has introduced a new feature on the application.

This is good news for tons of people who depend on the service to run their daily activities.

Now users can copy and duplicate events on multiple calendars through a side update from the edit interface.

From the Android Police blog, the Google calendar app has always lagged behind its counterparts on the web. It has never been possible to outrightly move events from one calendar to another without messing up the whole thing especially on mobile.

Following the new update, you can copy and duplicate an event, enter the edit interface and you will receive an option to reassign it.

For ages, this has not been possible to do with Google calendar.

“This is much more convenient for those times when plans change or you mistakenly created an event on the wrong calendar. We are glad to see Google’s efforts to bring the mobile feature of google calendar to match with the desktop” Concluded Android Police.

Currently, the calendar update is still a server update. It is not simple to quickly update. Clearing cached data and force closing are some of the options you can use to get the update.

Also, updating to  2019 release of the  Google calendar application is an easier way to access the feature.

The new application allows you to create, edit or even interact directly with the calendar grid. The grid helps you chose a suitable calendar and you can also create a 2021 yearly planner.

Besides that, you can now enable dark theme on devices with Android N+ a most anticipated update among many users.

Especially the dark theme, while enabled, it enhances battery saving. while other users love it since it reduces so much that might otherwise affect the eyes.

However, this feature has been available for desk previously.

By enabling it on mobile devices, it is quite an advantage. Users can work from anywhere without necessarily carrying their laptops around.

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