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WhatsApp to End Support For Millions of Smartphones by 2020

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WhatsApp has warned its users on a possible shutdown of the service on a number of smartphones worldwide.

WhatsApp support says the move is aimed at ensuring more security to the application users as the phones listed cannot support some of the WhatsApps key security features.

Older versions of Android phones dating from OS 2.3.3 and below, Windows phones supported by windows 8.0 and below, iPhones with iOS 8 and the older ones will no longer be able to access WhatsApp.

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The support will end as from December 31, 2019, for Windows phones, and 1, February 2020, for android and iPhones.

However, users can retrieve their chats early enough by updating to the newer versions of the OS.  While this is possible a number of older phones, may not be able to support a new Os.

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Majorly, the phones that affected are the iPhone 5s and 5c released back in 2013 and any other iPhone device running iOS 7.  Android 2.3.7 or Gingerbread, Older versions of Huawei and Samsung, Motorolla have not been left out too.

According to the independent UK, this is not the first time the application has ended support for older phones.

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Previously, a number of phones were denied access from using WhatsApp. In the year 2017, Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10. In 2018, Nokia S40 devices could no longer support WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also noted that they do not explicitly restrict the use of jailbroken or unlocked devices.  The new WhatsApp modifications might affect the functionality of the users devises. Therefore cannot provide support for the modified versions of the Os.

WhatsApp urges it’s users to upgrade to iOS 9 or later for iPhones, OS 4 for Android devices, Windows 8.1 and above for Microsoft.  As from February 2020, they will no longer create or reverify existing accounts.

Alternatively, users will export their chats with or without media so they can access them in future.

To Justify their move, WhatsApp added, ” We want to focus our efforts on mobile devices that majority people use. While the devices have been of great support to us, they don’t offer kind of capabilities we need to expand our application features in the future.”

Notably, WhatsApp takes it as a tough decision but in the right way for better service delivery,

At the moment, WhatsApp is working on a dark mode feature for its users which will reduce battery usage.

No release date has been announced yet but the feature once updated on phone, users will be able to choose on either light or dark mode WhatsApp. Users will also be able to tick on battery saver.

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