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The New Facebook Desktop Redesign Is Finally Rolling Out

by Val Lukhanyu
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Facebook Facelift is finally rolling out on desktop application. The new design has a less cluttered look and brighter icons.

Facebook executives announced earlier that the company was planning to push out a massive redesign to the application.

The redesign will make Facebook easier to navigate around. It is primarily supposed to put an emphasis on Groups and Events, which have become two of the biggest reasons people visit Facebook on a daily basis.

This means the News Feed will be featured less, which is probably good news for users overall.

According to Facebook, it as a much cleaner design, with more of an all-white look. Additionally, the new app has a dark mode too.

In the preliminary stages, Facebook originally said the mobile redesign should begin rolling out immediately. The desktop version would arrive later.

Some users already got access to the new Facebook redesigned desktop experience as early as April when it was first announced.  The company said it plans to offer the new look more broadly sometime before the spring.

According to Pocket-Lint blog post, a number of users are now getting a pop-up alert inviting them to help test what Facebook dubbed “The New Facebook.” If they consent, Facebook will let them choose between a white background with bright icons or a dark mode that’s already available on mobile.

On the redesigned website, users  have the option to switch back to the older, standard look they’re used to.

After trials, users can give the company feedback. Users can give a general user experience including the defaults on the app.

Cnet blog argues that government regulators and lawmakers have targetted Facebook. They have previously raised the possibility of fines for Facebook executives’ poor behaviour.

Facebook initially said it’d begin offering the new design last year, but still hasn’t broadly made it available. The company did, however, redesign its mobile app with a similar look which implies the redesign might be coming soon.

Facebook had as well promised to bring its own operating system dubbed facebook OS, new portals on the application, a voice assistant, cloud gaming among other new features.

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