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Google is Rolling Out Third-party G Suite Add-ons for Gmail, Drive, and Calendar

by Val Lukhanyu
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Google has added  G Suite Add-ons are now rolling out to Gmail, Calendar and other Google productivity apps. Following last years announcement, G Suite Add-ons are now generally available and rolling out over the next two weeks after last year’s beta.

Add-ons for individual Google services previously existed, but Google has now unified and made them cross-platform. This will cut down on repeat development. As a result, they’ll consistently appear in Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

With this launch, end-users will be able to install SignEasy‘s document signer, WebEx conferencing tools, and more by clicking the “Get Add-ons” plus sign toward the bottom of the side panel to access the  Marketplace.

These third-party additions appear underneath first-party services, while the side panel is coming to more G Suite products — like Docs, Sheets, and Slides — later this year. Next month, Google will let companies build their own with Apps Script once tools are widely available.

G Suite Add-ons benefits

According to G Suite, with the  Add-ons, workflows that require third-party applications can be executed inside G Suite, allowing users and teams to use the applications they want without leaving G Suite. For example, you can install the Workfront add-on for quick access across Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive.

G Suite Add-ons connect with third-party applications so you can work directly from the app you’re using, rather than toggling from one app to another. They also surface relevant information and suggest actions based on what you’re working on.
Organizations can also build their own add-ons using Apps Script that will be available in February.

They will allow developers to create a single add-on that works across G Suite, rather than building a separate add-on for each application.

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