iPhone SE 2 to Come With a Physical Home Button


 Apple will launch a cheaper, entry-level iPhone in spring – currently dubbed the iPhone SE 2. The new iPhone will reportedly come with a physical home button.

It has been confirmed that the iPhone  SE 2 will be launched in the spring of 2020 as confirmed by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Evan Blass, a renown industry leaker  posted a tweet  recently noting that it will come with a home button: “It’s got a — don’t hate — home button.”

Earlier on, the iPhone SE2 rumoured to feature the design of the iPhone 8. This means it will come with a larger curved style. An indication it is moving away from the tightly paced and small-screened iPhone 4 design in the original iPhone SE.

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That suggests Apple will be able to reuse parts from the iPhone 8 while upgrading some of the internal components, like the processor and camera.

Predictably, the  SE 2 will be quite popular given the low starting price of $399. High chances are that Apple might win over a lot of new users in the mid-range segment.

The budget iPhone will most likely attract people who are still using the iPhone 6 and 6s. The phones are still in use largely since their release almost 5 years ago. There is a possibility the users will adopt the iPhone SE 2 as their next budget phone.

Ming Ching Kuo estimates that there are still as many as 200 million people who are still using the iPhone 6 devices.

iPhone SE 2 Specifications and design

According to Kuo, the iPhone SE 2 will house an A13 processor along with 3 GB RAM.

Apple will not focus on a smaller form factor like the iPhone SE. Rather Apple will focus on a low price point.

It is rumoured that the iPhone SE 2 will have a 4.7-inch display and a home button with touch ID similar to that on the iPhone 8.

The primary camera will be a single camera at the back of the device. Instead of the normal multiple-camera setup common in today’s smartphones.

Notably, its predecessor s the iPhone SE had a  starting from $399 for the 16 GB variant. With minor differences on the two devices. The SE 2 variant might have a similar price tag slightly lower or higher depending on the market.