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Twitter Has rolled Out Threaded Replies To iOS

Twitter has announced a subtle design change to its iOS app. The update will make it easier for users to join and parse conversations. The current twitter interface is not easy to follow individual reply chains.

Yesterday through their official Twitter support page, Twitter notified it’s users on the new rollout.

The update now draws a concrete line between a parent tweet and the replies. With the replies indented slightly and connected by the series of vertical and horizontal lines. It makes a Twitter conversation look effectively like a thread of connected notes.

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Earlier on, Twitter came up with a Prototype version of its app branded  Twttr which creates threaded replies. From the initial tweet, you can scroll down and see the replies, and the replies to the replies.

The app has been under testing for possible new features for the main app without exposing them to its many users in the testing stage.

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The new announcement to roll out to iOS means it’s now ready. It will make it easier to follow a set of replies under a Tweet. It will also retain a clear sense for where you are concerning the original Twitter.

Twitter says  “new layout makes it easier to see who’s replying to who so you can join in on relevant conversations. “

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To add on, they are giving conversations a makeover on iOS. However, there is still no information on when they will be rolling out.

Lately, the company has been working to improve its social media app. Along with the key design change, Twitter recently promised it’s users a new application makeover.

Early this year, Twitter promised users that it will soon enable you to control who replies to your tweets. The new feature is built on the hide replies options that the company launched.

The new feature will give people the opportunity to interject abuse and unwanted comments into conversations. It will also allow you to restrict replies from your followers or alternatively stop replies completely. This means you can effectively have a discussing that they can see but not give their own input.

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