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6 Things Proper Social Media Managers Do

by Vanessa Waithera
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There are several people who don’t understand what social media managers do.

As a social media manager I get asked a lot about what I do because there are people who assume that all we do is sit and post content all day. Some people assume that posts will just generate engagement without really strategizing and I was one of those people as well. I used to assume that all social media managers do is post content and I didn’t consider it a real job until I tried it out myself and was astonished by how much work it actually took. But what exactly does a social media manager do? Here are the top things.

1. Copywriting

There’s no way you can convince anyone to read your content or buy your product if you don’t pay attention to the copy. Copywriting is a fundamental skill for social media marketing (and probably all areas of marketing). Writing good copy is required in many areas of a social media manager’s role, from filling up your social media profile description to crafting tweets and Facebook posts.To drive engagement and clicks, you have to fit a captivating story into your social media post and without great copywriting skills that can be difficult.

2. A creative

When you’re a social media manager you need to understand what works for your audience. Most people like visually appealing content so if you post dull content you’re more likely to not grow an audience. There’s no denying that we have moved away from mostly plain text based updates towards visual content such as images and videos.

3. Public speaker

I know this sounds off but it makes sense because as a social media manager you might have to do live videos or even create videos. live videos are becoming more and more important on social platforms. And marketers have noted this change, with a lot more marketers saying they want to create more live videos. If you’re a social media manager, you need to get used to the sound of your voice. Social media managers have to be confident enough to go live on social media to connect with their audience.

4. Conversational skills for customer service

This highly depends on the type of business you’re in but all in all to grow your community you need to be able to communicate with your audience. As the face of your company on social media and the person who is likely to be responding to at least some of the messages your brand receives on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it’s important for social media managers to have conversational skills and empathy to help you customers on social media.

5.Spot the trends

If you fail to know what kind of content works for every page then you’re not the best social media manager. It’s basically been able to study your content and see what works best and even know the timings that people engage the most.

6. Can report on insights

A social media manager must understand analytics and be able to report the insights accordingly. A social media manager should be the guiding light in your business when it comes to measuring your performance across various social channels. As such, learning the ins and outs of social media metrics and judging which ones are meaningful for your business is essential for a social media manager.

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