3 Suspected Hackers Arrested In Ngara For Huge NTSA Cyber Crime


Suspected hackers in Ngara have been arrested in Ngara for huge NTSA crime.

3 Suspected hackers have been arrested on suspicion of cyber crime. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations confirmed that two Kenyan men were trying to break into the National Transport And Safety Authority (NTSA) and the TIMS online portals. The suspects were found in Ngara and were found with KSH 1.1M in cash and USD 100, three motor vehicles and fiber laser cutting machines that they were using to cut number plates. Micheal Onyango aged 54 and his partner Sylvester Onyango have now been arrested under serious criminal charges.

The team also had a number of painted number plates, functional desktop computers, laptops and logbooks, modems and flash drives that they were using to store NTSA data. Of course they couldn’t compete their task without having someone from the inside. A NTSA employee who worked at the call centre was also arrested and was accused of helping Michael and his partner Sylvester to access NTSA data remotely. Mr Antony Rugut Korir was found guilty of helping the hackers and had also connected a Local Area Network turtle gadget; an undercover system administration and pen testing tool that was providing stealth remote access to the suspects.

Clearly the team were brilliant minds, but why use such skills on heinous activities like these?

The reality is that there’s a serious level of unemployment in Kenya, are we really surprised that people are willing to risk their lives and freedom to get money in such a fast and criminal manner? It’s unfortunate that people like Michael and Sylvester will probably spend a good part of their lives in jail and waste their skills and talents.