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Verus Global Systems Launches Electronic Property Management Tool for Developers

Verus Global Systems, a Kenyan based software solutions provider, has launched an Electronic Property Management Systems (EPMAS), a software solution tool that will ease the process of property management in the country. The tool will enable entrepreneurs who lack time or expertise to maintain the properties and deal with tenants.

EPMAS  adequately meets the needs of the real estate and property market. The web-based solution offers features like property accounting, tenant and supplier management. They also offer lease tracking, bank reconciliation, maintenance schedules, and vendor management.

Besides, the solution is also capable of generating monthly statements and exporting the rent records to integrated applications like QuickBooks and Excel.

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Opportunities in the real estate sector have surged as well as assets invested in the sector have opened a  huge number of individuals rental housing As such, property owners are developing more rental units to increase their profits.

While at it, fail to keep clear records of their developments. Property management is difficult especially for the property owners who are losing a huge sum of money through tenants who evade rent. Or worse, property managers who are unfaithful to their employers. The tool if ready would step for a big chunk of property investors.

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Speaking during the launch, Verus Global System Chairman Mr Ken Wathome told the real estate industry stakeholders that the system will support property managers, enabling them to take control of every aspect of their business, including rent, vacancy, maintenance cycles, finances and accounting.

“The property market in Kenya needs a tool that allows maximum functionalities. So more time can be spent on work that matters such as building and managing well designed functional properties. That meet the needs of the market,” Mr Wathome added.“

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“The solutions aim at streamlining processes in the real estate and property management sector in the country.“The Kenyan property market has grown tremendously over the years. However, the industry has been lagging in adopting technology. Our solution will let users access business metrics, track maintenance, and communicate with renters, owners and vendors,” said Ms Faith Kiithu, Verus Global System Managing Director.

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