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Facebook to help small businesses keep the lights on during COVID -19 Pandemic

by Val Lukhanyu
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Facebook is taking the challenge to keep people and small businesses safe and informed by making sure everyone has accurate information. The company is focusing on supporting global health experts and stopping misinformation during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“These are unprecedented times, making things incredibly challenging for us all. Especially the small businesses which are the lifeblood of our economies. In EMEA, we know that the measures being put in place to keep everyone in our communities safe. Which is particularly challenging for smaller businesses. Especially those who rely on custom in their local area. To help small businesses everywhere, in this difficult time, we are therefore creating a $100 million grant program to help 30,000 small businesses in over 30 countries where our employees live and work, to support them through this period of uncertainty when things are tough. “Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA

However, the grants and ad credits are eligible for small businesses in over 30 countries where Facebook has operations in.

” Our thoughts, like everyone’s, are with our loved ones and our communities and all of those impacted around the world”

” We also want to make it easier for businesses everywhere to find help and receive training and support from our teams. We’ve made our Business Hub, a resource for Facebook employees and health experts readily available for all. We are also creating new virtual training to support businesses operating in this new and unsettling environment”

People across the globe are stepping up, rising to the enormous challenge in front of us. We want to do our part too. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. And many of the people who run these businesses are heavily affected by the crisis. Especially as more and more people sensibly stay home. The longer the crisis goes on, the greater the risk to small businesses and to the livelihoods of their owners and employees.

Teams across Facebook are working every day to help businesses and additional ways to host virtual training. The company is also finding more ways to help people connect and learn to use technology through Blueprint free e-learning training program.

“Whatever happens next, we will be working to help businesses weather this storm. Please keep safe and look out for those around you”

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