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SWVL Kenya to offer free rides to commuters on essential routes

by Val Lukhanyu
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SWVL Kenya has today announced the adoption of essential routes for commuters during the COVID-19 pandemic. These routes shall remain operational to allow people to shop for food supplies and other essentials, as well as commute if necessary.

In alignment with the government’s encouragement for people to stay at home as much as possible except on essential business, the company is operating “must-have routes”. SWVL is limiting its normal operations but ensuring it will provide services to cover the areas where there is the most demand for necessary commutes during this time of crisis.

The company will offer commuters on these essential routes free rides during the crisis period. Commuters that must travel for essential work can use the free ride service by using the HERE4YOU promotional code and free rides will also be reflected in the SWVL app.

SWVL has also adopted new measures to operate in line with the directives issued in regards to public transport. They shall also be offering free rides on these essential routes to ease the cost of commuting.

SWVL Kenya General Manager, Dip Patel said, “As a Kenyan company. We are here to help and support our fellow Kenyans during this very difficult time for our country. We will continue to operate on as many high-traffic routes as possible, to enable people to shop for food supplies and continue other essential travel, particularly for those in critically needed jobs at this time. Users will receive a notification of these routes via our app. We support the measures being put in place by the government. And encourages our users to stay home and avoid non-essential commuting when they can.”

In accordance with the directive to limit the number of passengers per vehicle, SWVL will cap each vehicle’s booking capacity at 60%. This will ensure that there will be enough space for social distancing in each vehicle and prevent crowding. Additionally, all vehicles will maintain an open window policy to aid in decreasing the risk of contracting the virus. Hand sanitizers will also be made available to bus operators for their passengers.

SWVL Kenya is urging commuters to make use of their in-app wallet. Whenever needed, as a cashless payment option for their trips. They simply have to load money into their wallet through M-Pesa. This is so as to encourage cashless transactions and limit the exchange of physical currency.

SWVL Kenya remains committed to helping build a reliable, efficient and convenient mass transit system in the country. “We also remain vigilant of the situation. We will continue to employ the necessary measures to do our part in preventing the spread of the virus.”

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