Uber temporarily suspends services in Uganda over 14-day lock-down


Uber has temporarily suspended its services for UberX, and UberBoda in Uganda for 14 days. This comes after the announcement by HE Yoweri Museveni that the country will go on a 14-day lockdown. The lockdown becomes effective as from 1st  and it will be lifted on April 14th.

The growing number of confirmed cases globally are worrisome. And especially in Uganda where the cases have clocked to 44 in two weeks. The president prohibited all people to people movement including the use of private vehicles, bodabodas and Tuk-tuks. Earlier, on the president had suspended bodaboda services and before implementing a total lockdown for all public transport. Uber had already suspended its uberBoda survives.

Uber has taken the move positively to protect the safety and well being of the community.  the company will not be in operation throughout the 14 days until the ban is lifted or the government gives a new directive.

He further added that  “Some private car owners had turned their cars into taxis, transporting people from one area to another while even charging an exorbitant fare of up to Ush50,000 from Kampala to Jinja. Amove that would  spread the virus further”

Prior to the lockdown, Uber had put up measures to protect its drivers during the COVID-19 period. The company had vowed to compensate drivers affected by COVID-19, which will be based on their average daily earnings over the last six months. The company further commented that ride-hailing and delivery drivers are among the most vulnerable. Since the virus spreads because of the social nature of their jobs.