Tencent & Huawei team up to develop mobile cloud gaming platform


Chinese tech giants Huawei and Tencent will be setting up a game development lab that will explore technologies such as cloud gaming, Artificial Intelligence, (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

The lab will work on ways to optimise game engine features, rendering, and power consumption. The companies will jointly develop new chip features and debugging tools that will create new gameplay formats.

The project will tap into Huawei’s powerful Kunpeng processor that will now develop Tencent’s GameMatrix cloud gaming into an industry-leading high quality and low-cost cloud gaming solution.

Tencent already runs the world’s biggest video games business by revenue, which is a relatively new field for Hauwei.

“For Tencent, the cooperation, on the one hand, shows its support of the home-grown Kunpeng industrial ecosystem and on the other hand, gives players using Huawei smartphones access to its cloud games,” said Wen Hao, an analyst form Tianfeng Securities.

Noting from a comment on South China Morning Post. Huawei, having more partners join its Kunpeng ecosystem can help grow the company. also “reduce the negative impact of overseas sales of its smartphones which have been hurt by the US ban.

Huawei, introduced its first cloud gaming management platform in June 2019  incorporating the company’s 5G technology. While Tencent has ‘Start’ cloud gaming service that has been in Beta testing since December.

The new partnership will leverage Huawei’s Kunpen processor and Tencent’s GameMatrix platform. Which could be a growth moment for mobile cloud gaming. Tencent is already a mobile game originator and topping the Huawei’s first-grade technology will pave way for mobile cloud gaming.