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SMS Marketing Tips Every Start-up Owner Should Know

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SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching an audience. Almost every message sent has a 99 percent chance of being opened within minutes of being sent. If you understand how to leverage this avenue, it will be easy to reap good results. It is about keeping it simple and direct to the point. It is considered one of the most effective channels due to its high read and response rates.

Here, we tell you how to do it right, give you top text marketing tactics and its effectiveness in a small business.

Do not Confuse your Audience

Text marketing may come across as fairly simple, but it must be done right and with caution. You want to avoid confusing consumers with short codes and keywords. Otherwise, if the people you are sending out the texts to do not understand them, they will not respond as intended.

The keyword is the product or service you are selling. For instance, if you offer cleaning services, ‘cleaning services at a discounted price’ should be your keyword. The point is using keywords that are easy to remember. Reread your SMS before sending to ensure your smartphone autocorrect does not alter them.

Do not go Over 160 Characters

Most consumers have a very short attention span. Use your words wisely, being careful only to include relevant phrases, and make it engaging and short. In text marketing, 160 characters is the pivotal number. It is a number that can redefine marketing. One of the best ways of saving space is by using a URL shortener when including links.

You could also create a branded short URL to boost the recognition of your brand. Text marketing intends to get consumers to click on a link not to oversell the benefits of your product. If you have a promotion, be brief on the benefits and the percentage they will be saving. For new releases, include the date, time and place.

Timing is the Ultimate Determiner of Success

In business SMS marketing, timing matters. Your timing must be optimised to fine-tune your marketing outreach. When it comes to sending out bulk messages to consumers, timing is virtual, crucial, and is everything. Begin by defining the most accurate time for mass marketing. It will be easy for you to predict the response level of your audience on your campaigns.

Try by sending on the best day of the week and the right time, such as a Friday mid-morning. For reminders, events and appointments, weekends, particularly Saturday, will be perfect. However, all this depends on the type of business you manage.

If you run a night club and are planning promotions, schedule your text message for evening hours. For a coffee shop, a morning text will yield the best results. Businesses are different, therefore, perform background research to identify when your target audience is more likely to make a purchasing decision.

Communicate your Agenda

Have a clear call-to-action. In text messaging, this is a rule you must never forget. This form of marketing is relatively new, and unfortunately, many marketers believe that it will automatically trigger a response.

However, you will need a clear objective in every message sent to prompt the recipient to act. It is also highly advisable to only send out the message to people who have expressed some interest in your brand. Segment your messages to reach your audience more strategically in terms of the tone and language used. Make it simple and non-intrusive.

A business SMS campaign is a promising channel for start-ups. Perhaps, there has never been a better time for small businesses to leverage text messaging. Although most consumers are online and on social media, a large number have phones and receive and send SMS messages. The trick is keeping it simple without making the recipient think too hard of what you mean.

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