Kenyan tech icon Ory Okolloh steps down from Omidyar Network


Ory Okolloh will be stepping down from Omidyar Group’s Omidyar Network and Luminate Group where currently serves as Managing Director.

Ory announced on Twitter that she will be leaving the organization end of April after seven years of service. Luminate, part of Omidyar Group funds non-profit and for-profit organisations that improve advocacy, civic participation and transparency.

Ory has also been at the forefront of Omidyar Network’s investments in Africa. Prior to this, the law and political science graduate from the Harvard Law School and the University of Pittsburgh respectively was Google’s policy manager for Africa and co-founder and executive director of Ushahidi and

Recently, Ory led the team that launched Baraza Media Lab in Kenya to support press independence. Launched in partnership with Mettā, the $1m Baraza Media Lab aims to boost the capacity of journalists and publishers to report in the public interest. It’s a space for Kenyan journalists, publishers, and media entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate and share skills.

For years, the Kenyan media sector has faced pressing challenges – including commercial pressure, low capacity, a legal framework fraught with gaps, and weak cooperation with external stakeholders. The Baraza Media Lab is expected to serve as a catalyst to rekindle strong skills development, more collaboration, and ultimately stronger independence in the sector.

“From providing an enabling environment for independent media to thrive, to supporting collaboration and providing the space for innovation to happen within the media industry, the Baraza Media Lab will be an important anchor for journalists and entrepreneurs alike,” Ory said during the Baraza Media Lab launch. “We look forward to working with the community and other partners as we build something transformative.”

Ory also serves on the Board of Directors of the Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company, Twiga Foods, Endeavor Kenya and Stanbic Holdings.