Twitter will be sharing your data with advertisers


Twitter has removed a feature that previously allowed users to stop sharing data with advertisers. Twitter has disabled the setting for users to help the company continue to operate as a free service. From now, the information will be shared by default.

The shared data will show the efficacy of advertising on the app. And it helps Twitter prove that people are actually watching, interacting with, and otherwise seeing the ads that advertisers are paying for.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, “the update is part of our ongoing work around transparency and control. We want to ensure that people understand the settings we provide, what they do, and how to use them.”

What happens is, when Twitter receives information about you, it will use that information to improve its services including personalizing your Twitter experience and for other purposes.  The process will involve sharing non-public personal information with their partners.

“The availability of ad data has had a big impact on Twitter’s earnings in the past. Last year, they blamed an earnings miss on a bug that prevented it from properly using and sharing this kind of ad data. At the same time”

Twitter had also mentioned that a bug had made them ignore some user settings to prevent certain data from being shared.

The mobile ad data will still be kept private for users in the European Union. The European Free Trade Association, and the United Kingdom. However, they can opt in to sharing their information is they so wish to.

 Additionally, though these partnerships may operate globally, the setting only applies in the specific regions.